OLDMACDONALD Heavy Duty Polyester Vegetable Support Garden Trellis Netting / Scrog Net 5ft x 350ft (1.5m x 106.7m)


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* ENREJADO VERSÁTIL, REUTILIZABLE Y DE ALTA CALIDAD: Suave pero resistente, esta red ayuda a que las plantas se adhieran a una superficie lisa y durará un par de años


*CUT TO ANY SIZE: This netting comes in one of two sizes: 5 x15 ft or 5 x 30 ft, making it easy to cut to the appropriate size for your garden


*SAVE SPACE: Expand upward! Direct your plants by weaving the netting around poles or bamboo sticks for a quick, extremely sturdy trellis that will hold the weight of your plant


*SQUARE MESH: Designed with 6×6-inch holes, the netting leaves enough room to reach through, prune, and pick. Use it for tomatoes, peas, cukes, beans, or any plant that needs support


*EASY TO INSTALL: Simply wrap and tie the netting around any stable structure or support–it can be used for A-frame, horizontal, and vertical growth


Product Description: Ideal for guiding growing plants. Use garden net trellis to support vine flower and vegetable plants. Attaches to stakes or poles to create a sturdy structure for plants to climb. An easy way to keep your plants neat. HORTOMALLAS Trelllis Net 5ft x 350ft is the most effective and economical way to support climbing vegetables and heavy crops. HORTOMALLAS Trelllis Net 5′ x 350′ is a resistant but lightweight stretchable between and over gardens, flower beds or hydroponic systems. HORTOMALLAS Trelllis Net 5′ x 350′ facilitates the orderly growth of lush vegetables, rich foliage and beautiful flowering plants. OldMacDonald Trellis Netting can be a huge advantage for growers. You can support plants in their natural form or use it to train them to maximize yields. Trellis your garden and crops for big gains: higher yields, faster harvest, and improved quality. The six inch spacing of the netting is enough to easily allow the plants to vine upward with enough support. Please note that some care must be taken in unraveling the net when taken straight from the bag so that it will unfold neatly, without snarling.

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Ideal para guiar plantas en crecimiento. Use un enrejado de red de jardín para apoyar las plantas de flores y vegetales de vid. Se adhiere a estacas o postes para crear una estructura resistente para que las plantas trepen. Una manera fácil de mantener tus plantas ordenadas. HORTOMALLAS Trelllis Net 5ft x 350ft es la forma más efectiva y económica de sostener vegetales trepadores y cultivos pesados.

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