Thermal Blanket Anti Frost Protection for Fruit Trees (42 gr/m2)

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INVERNAVELO® is the thermal blanket or fabric used in agriculture, whether one wants to force the crop by advancing the harvest or need to protect it from brief night frosts, or prevent pathogen-transmitting insects from infecting the newly transplanted seedlings during their first weeks of development. In the field, it acts as a protection against night breezes, preventing moisture from falling on the leaves and then freezing during a cold night. This fabric traps the heat accumulated in the soil and keeps it close to the plants at night, accelerating their initial development and protecting the seedlings from viruses or other diseases mechanically transmitted by insects.

When it comes to protecting avocado trees from low temperatures or citrus trees (especially those that are less than three years old), a heavier weight INVERNAVELO® anti-frost fabric is used to prevent branches or thorns from breaking the fabric. during installation or removal at the end of the cold season.

This non-woven fabric agro-blanket is also ideal for making masks, gowns and other sanitary items to prevent the spread of covid-19.

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Weight42 lbs
Dimensions40 × 40 × 180 in

40 cm


50 cm


42 gr/m²




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